Great Idea for a $1,000 Day
Thanks Vicky Rhodes!

Dear Preferred Client!

I'm so excited.  I am in a special contest to sell $1,000 in Mary Kay products in one day.  My contest day is          
date            .  As my special customer and one who loves and appreciates our products, I was hoping there may be something you need.  And because I value each of you, there will be a 15% discount on all purchases made this day!  If each of my customers just choose mascara or another small item, I would easily reach my goal.  As a special 'Thank You', when I reach my goal, I will draw from all of my orders and one lucky client will get their order free!  So, this would be the perfect time to get those products you are low on or to try the new summer line!  I will be calling each of you on the          date             to take your order.  If you call or email me first (anytime before this date), your name will go into the drawing twice!  Thank you so much for your help!