Thanks to Debra Bishop!

This is the Focus Folder I have taught my consultants to use for several years.  I'm a very visual person and do not like to see those empty spaces so I fill them up!  Simple, but it works.  This also keeps you focused on what you need to be working on.  Use a manila folder. 

On the outside - put Page 1, which is to track your FACES you do during the month.  I run this one off on card stock because it is sturdier and lasts longer.  When you do a face, give her eyes and a smile.  If she buys, she gets HAIR!!  Otherwise, she is hairless!!  If they buy a Basic Set, Miracle Set or Roll-up Bag, I give her RED LIPS!  That way, I can tell at a glance who my new Basic customers are.  I can't stand to have empty faces!!

Also on the outside is Page 2, again copied on card stock.  This tracks your INTERVIEWS.  When you interview them, they get a face.  If they sign, they get HAIR!!  Once they've ordered, they get red lips!

Under each one of the faces is a line for their name and then either phone number or date.

On the inside, left side, I put my PROSPECTS LIST, which is a simple form with boxes.  I write my prospect's name in each box, along with info about her.  I put dates and notes of when I talk to her and what was said.  If she signs up, I highlight that box in PINK!

On the right inside, I put the HOSTESS/FACIAL PROSPECT LIST.  Every time you think of someone's name, write it on there.  That way you always have an on-going list of who you want to facial.

Under that, I put a calendar page for that month, similar to the free wall calendars you can get.  That way, I always have the dates available that I can glance at and see what is coming up.  Those pages are also available on a lot of computer programs and you can just print one out for the current month.

At the end of the month, you can file these folders and then refer back to them for information or to see who you were working with and forgot.  You can take out the PROSPECT LISTS and transfer them to the new month if you want.