Jan Ketola
Senior Sales Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics

333 Johnson Lake Rd
Gwinn, MI  49841
Welcome New Unit Team Members!

Congratulations on your decision to become a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant!  Not only have you joined a premier Company, I truly believe the reason for our success and future successes can be traced to one common factor - quality women like you!  Welcome to our belief-breaking, future Million $$$ Unit.

There is a myriad of opportunity available to you as an Independent Beauty Consultant in Mary Kay.  These opportunities range from personal service, to a full-service retail business, and to teaching and mentoring other Mary Kay businesswomen.  The choice is yours!  And the best part— you can decide to move to another level as one of your choices.  Let me share with you the different opportunities available to you as a consultant.

1.  You can shop for yourself and any family members, for your own personal use and gift giving, by placing a minimum of one $200 wholesale at least every 11 months.  A $200 wholesale order would give you a 50% discount and allow you to choose $400 of retail product.  You may order as often as you want, but for the most part your wholesale cost would be $200 minimum to receive a discount.  Most personal shopping consultants place a $200 wholesale order every 6 months.
2.  You can shop for yourself at wholesale and provide for your circle of friends and family the great Mary Kay products at retail price.  This would give you the opportunity to have the retail profits from those sales to pay for your own product.  Just three customers purchasing from you will provide the money to provide all your own products free!  You begin making money with every customer over three.  The more customers, the more income.
3. You will receive a six-month subscription to the Company’s monthly magazine, Applause.  In it you will learn about the newest products, important information about our regular-line products, and what is upcoming in the world of Mary Kay. Consultants love to receive their monthly Applause. In the beginning, you will receive the Applause for 6 months and for 6 months after each $200 wholesale or more order you place.
4.  You will receive my unit newsletters online.
5.  You will be able to preview seasonal products - holiday, spring, summer and fall limited-edition collections at your Unit meeting, whether mine or an adopted Director’s.
6.  You are entitled to attend new consultant training - a concise training on all aspects of a Mary Kay business (this is recommended for all new consultants whether personal service or full time).  Please call me, or your recruiter, for times and dates.
7.  You are entitled to attend weekly meetings at a local Mary Kay unit for more information, training and recognition.  You meet great new friends at weekly unit meetings. You are also entitled to:
     1)  Subscribe for your own Mary Kay web page where family and friends can shop online directly with you (check mine out at www.marykay.com/jketola).
     2)  Receive monthly recruiting commissions and receive bonuses as defined in your Career Essentials work book You can even place your own personal wholesale orders online 24 hours a day by enrolling at www.marykayintouch.com as soon as you have your own consultant number.  You will receive your consultant number when you receive your Mary Kay starter kit.  Many times I can get access to your consultant number before you even receive your starter kit.  Be sure to call me or e-mail me a few days after you’ve submitted your agreement to remind me to check to see if I can find out what it is for you.
8. You will also be able to keep up-to-date with the Mary Kay world on a daily basis by logging on to your Mary Kay InTouch Community at www.marykayintouch.com and then log onto “In Touch.”  To log on the first time:  Type in your consultant number, then don’t put in a password, but rather, click below that where it says to “click here if you have forgotten or don’t have a password.”  You then register for the first time.)
9. You are entitled to have a BUSINESS DEBUT.   This is a great opportunity to invite your family and friends to your home to learn about and sample many of the products in our product line.   CALL your recruiter to arrange this fun-filled opportunity.

One of your first decisions is whether or not to invest in inventory to have on-the-spot delivery.  I’ve included information in your packet to help you make that decision.  It has always been my desire to provide the products to my customers at the time of the sale.  I have found women purchase more and are happier with my service.  Having product on hand, or ordering after you’ve sold and gathered the money, is strictly your decision.  However, I’ve had a lot of experience with consultants who have done it both ways, and I’d be happy to discuss the pros and cons of both methods. As your Sale Director, I am here to help you in all areas of your Mary Kay business.  Please feel free to call me to help you put together your first wholesale order and to make arrangements to attend the next upcoming Mary Kay training for new consultants.  You can reach me in many ways – phone or email. This information is listed below. There is a place for every woman in Mary Kay, Inc. and in the Ketola’ Unit.  Once again, I welcome you to the Ketola Unit and the wonderful world of Mary Kay.  I look forward to working with you for many years to come.

Jeanette (Jan) Ketola
Independent Senior Sales Director

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