"Success is not for the
chosen few, but for the
few who choose."
- Mary Kay Ash

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Gift Labels: Teachers are the BalmDotCom
Gift Labels: Others are the BalmDotCom

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Skin Care
Script for Selling Serum +C
Serum +C Buy 5 get one free postcard


Lipstick Sample Survey
Lipstick Personality Test

Model Portfolios

Building your business with the Model Portfolio
Thanks to Melinda Mercedes Balling, EESD!

Photo Shooting Tips
Operation Occupation 101 Portfolio
Professional Women's Networking Portfolio

Professional Women's Networking Portfolio

Gift Certificates and Coupons/Postcards
$10 Mary Kay Cash Card
     In Word so you can modify
     In PDF
$10 Gift Card
$25 Gift Card
Gift Card - fill in the amount
$25 Gift Certificate for general use
Star Customer Gift Certificate
Web Site Gift Certificate
Another Web Site Gift Certificate
Gift Certificate to fill in

Hostess Half-Price Certificate
Complimentary Facial Certificate

50% Off First Order Cards.
Print these out and put your
sticker on the back

Customer Referral Postcard

Customer 15% Off Birthday Coupon:
   In Publisher so you can update
   In Adobe if you don't have Publisher

Sales Ideas
Makeup Store Next Door Flyer and Door Hanger
How to Get 100 Leads in a Week

Standing Order Concept

Year Round Sales Ideas

Adorable Monthly Coupons for a Year
Great Idea for a $1,000 Day
Using a Fish Bowl to generate leads
Party in a Bag Flyer
Tic-Tac-Toe Referral Game

Be a Star

How badly do you want to star?
18 Ways to Finish Your Star NOW!
Star Selling Ideas
Be a Star: How to Sell $2400 in 4 Weeks!
Mapping Out Your Star

        Sample cards for everything!
Color Cards - create your own
Sample Card Example

Even Complexion Essence Sampler Cards
Eye Primer Sampler Cards
Intense Moisturizer Sampler Cards
Oil-Free Hydrating Gel Sampler Cards

Firming Eye Cream Sampler Cards
Age-Fighting Eye Cream Sampler Cards

Visibly Fit Sampler Cards

GENERIC Coupons for Samplers

Preferred Customer
Preferred Customer 40% Off Postcard
Put this in every reorder bag, along with a sample of a product your customer is not using, and a Look Book.
Publisher version so you can fill in your information.
If you don't have Publisher, use the PDF version

Warm Chatter
Warm Chatter Training
Handing Out Business Cards
Thanks for the smile! Discount Labels

Gift Sales
Letter to Husband/Spouse

Fairy Godmother Set

Moving Baskets - for sale to Realtors


100 Ways to Work Your Business

Ways to Find Clients (Thank you Julie Potts)
TW Repair Outside Sales Order Form
Outside Sales Order Form
Conquer the Selling Slump

10 Show Week-How it can work for you!

Every Day Heroes Program Information

How to Make $1500 in 30 Days
Who do I sell to?
Trading Faces

101 Ways to Work Your Business
Mascara Sales Ideas:
  Mascara Club
  Mascara Mania

Satin Hands Fun Packet

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