"Those who are blessed with the most talent don't necessarily outperform everyone else.
It's the people with follow-through who excel."   -- Mary Kay Ash

Managing Your Mary Kay Business

Click here or on the picture above to get Seminar Year Goal tracking sheet.

Want to realize your dreams?  Create a Dream Book!


Director/Consultant Monthly Planner
Instructions for Assembling

Thanks to Sales Director Lorraine Bryant!

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your customers to shop online? If not,
Get Online at www.marykay.com!

Career Progression
Career Path Flyer
Current Requirements for DIQ
How to Earn Your Car in 25 Hours a Week

Career Cars
Grand Achiever Goal Poster

10 Steps to a Successful Career
10 Steps to a Red Jacket

Inventory Planning

Goal Setting
Need help focusing on your goals?  Check out The "Notebook" developed by NSD Cathy Littlejohn!

Goal Planning Sheet
Goal Planning for your Mary Kay Business
Now is the time for Goal Setting!
Making Your Goals Believable and Achievable
Setting Goals for the Future

7 Steps to Goal Setting


100 Ways to Work Your Business

How Badly Do You Want to Succeed?

3+3+3: Use this to track your progress!
   Mary Kay's "3+3+3 Rule" (each week sell
   $300, hold 3 classes, interview 3 people)
Why It is Important to Attend Meetings

Tips to Working Full Circle
The Art of Networking
How to Find Information in the InTouch
   Community Web Site

    THANK YOU Connie Lustig!
The Four Stages of Your Business

Becoming Computer Savvy In Your MK Business
6 Month Sales and Team Building Plan

Seven Traits of a Six-Figure Woman

Mary Kay Image

Mary Kay Image
Exemplifying the Mary Kay Image


Customer Service
Customer Tracking Sheet
Customer Standing Order Tracking Sheet
New Customer Checklist

Customer 15% Off Birthday Coupon:
   In Publisher so you can update
   In Adobe if you don't have Publisher
Customer Thank You Postcard - 10% Off:
      In Publisher so you can edit
      In Adobe PDF
Thank You Postcard for New Facial Customers:
       In PDF
       In Publisher so you can change
(Thanks to Director Shelley Olson)
Customer Appreciation Postcards:
       In Publisher so you can edit
       In PDF Format
Client Flyer - Include with your orders
Print these labels out and put them on
       your customer orders!

Keeping You in the Pink Customer Flyer

Customer Birthday Postcards ($20 to $50 Off)
    In Adobe with MK Personal Web Site
    In Adobe with no MK Personal Web Site
    In Publisher with MK Personal Web Site
    In Publisher with no MK Personal Web Site

Client Appreciation Idea
Customers and the Golden Rule
Customer Referral Postcard
Thank your customers for their referrals
Customer Appreciation 20% Off Sale
   In Publisher so you can modify

27 Ways to say "Follow-up Facial"

Financial Management
Money Management
Ten Tips to Good Money Management

Time Management/Organization
How to Focus on Classes not Facials
Top 10 things to do to get organized
Achieve Success with a 16 Hour Work Week
Conference Calls (Great ideas on how to
   remind yourself when it is time for a call)
A Consultant's Steps to Getting Organized
The Efficient Mary Kay Work Week

Daily Activity Worksheet Option
Daily Organizational Worksheet
Weekly Planning Sheet
How to Work When You Have Small Children

File It - Don't Pile It!

Consultant Focus Folder

Focus Folders

Income Tax Preparation for your Mary Kay Business
Tracking Your Income Tax Information
Tax Tips (Thanks Carolyn Thompson)

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